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Alen Audic, Hisa Franko

Ales Kristancic, Movia

Mitja Sirk, La Subida

Filip Koletnik, Atimo

We cut out the middle man and support the best local producers. Explore with us and buy community-supported products that famous chefs and sommeliers use.

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The Noir community supports and connects local food and wine producers that have global ambitions. We always promise to think sustainably, go directly to producers, and bring you phenomenal experiences for the best price.

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Matevz Petek

Founder, Povio Labs

"The fact that you can send a text message to the CEO anytime you need gastronomy advice tells you a lot about this community."

Community guides you through every aspect of becoming a master when it’s your turn to host your friends."

Sandro Mur

CEO, Bellabeat

 '"Community really dives deep into sharing the knowledge of both wine and food industries. "

Meg Ashton

BDR, HumanTouch

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